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Tropical Leaves


Tool Decals (Industrial Grade)
All our stickers are our own design, and are custom made for each customer.


The Design is made with the latest version of photoshop, printed with Hi-Res Printers equipped with so-called Chroma 100 cartridges for decades of color retention. The sticker is provided with a UV-resistant hard plastic layer and optionally with an adhesive back. The punching and punching work is done with a self-developed radius mold and guarantees a perfect fit on the tool box.


Our Stickers are water resistant, retain their color, fit perfectly and can also take a beating. A frequently heard compliment from customers is that they think it is better than the original and we think that's cool!

Extra text/own Logo
It is also possible to apply a Logo or a company name or property text on the sticker. There are also customers who want the background invented in black..., because it is unique customization, we can also realize individual wishes......




All packages are sent via PostNL or UPS
The shipping costs depends on the weight and country of destination. We charge different rates for international customers.

On average we charge 3.95 Eur incl. packaging & shipping.

We use so-called Air Seal envelopes for packaging. The 'seal' prevents moisture from outside and the stickers are protected by air pockets.

There is no need to stay at home to receive your package. The packages or Seal envelopes can be sent by letter post. So basically you can order during your holiday and find them on your doormat when returning home!



We recently work with Photoshop CC2020 and use professional cutting equipment, radius punches and invested in a fast UltraChrome100 printer to guarantee amazing text sharpness, detail, color fidelity.


We innovate 24/7 to send everything faster and much more tightly to you as a customer. Your feedback and photos keep us motivated offering this service for you, so keep doing that please !



Basic sticker with only text: 5.45,-

Sticker with image, logo 6.95,-


Sticky back. +1.50,-

Company logo +1.50,-

Laser print +1.50,-

Set of 3 Stickers per Mbox

consisting of a front sticker with an image and

2 original white labels with type designation on both sides 13.85,-

Door diverse prijsverhogingen in de gehele markt zijn wij genoodzaakt onze prijzen in het voorjaar 2024 opnieuw te reviewen.



We go for top quality!, continuously strive for improvement of materials and machines and get motivation from personal contact with our DIY customers. It is not without reason that we have more than 190 five star ratings and we would like to keep it that way thanks to your positive feedback and beautiful photos. We are currently saving your feedback & reviews and will build a show page here soon !!

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