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From October 1, 2021 we have several options that you can choose to choose the quality you want. We have noticed that there are customers who want everything very specific and neat and who also send beautiful photos of their collection and we see customers who want to be price conscious and where a lesser resolution and used materials are also fine. From now on it is possible to choose, beautiful isn't it....



For this we use basic quality materials, printed on normal media carriers and a linear printer. the print quality has slightly larger pixels. 


laser printing

for this we use our laser printer for beautiful and accurate prints, improved pixel and media carriers and adhesive strips.


Super High Quality

Like LaserPrint but with extra Chromalife print cartridges for 'longlife' colours. Prints are perfect have a very high resolution, perfect 'Black', colors are more vibrant and the sharpness is unsurpassed. The materials used are of a very high level and we use high-Res photo media carriers.


Extreme & Waterproof

The Best of the Best.., onze allerhoogste Hi-Res afdrukwaliteit in combinatie met nieuwe materialen. De Sticker der Stickers is Robuust, Slijtvast en Waterproof. Bovendien zijn de afbeeldingen haarscherp. Ook te krijgen in combinatie met XXL uitvoering voor Mbox 3 en 4.

Deze sticker ondergaat tijdens de produktie een aantal extra handelingen en heeft een transparante rand (rondom) die dient als waterkering. Dit is op het moment de Bestseller......

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